While the carbon offset market grows and attracts more attention we at Garner CO2 are dedicated to evolving with the marketplace.  We place client’s needs first.  Identifying how they may achieve carbon reductions, and guiding them through the process.

Garner CO2 can help you:

  • Amalgamate your company’s offsets
  • Identify ways that your business may become a carbon neutral operation
  • Navigate government programs and opportunities to implement change at your facility
  • Pools offsets and create greater market value
  • Identify best practices for auditing carbon offsets and carbon credits
  • Manage sustainability through carbon emission reduction efforts

Garner CO2 provides a market place to both buyers and sellers.

Garner CO2 supplier base comprises businesses that have made shifts in their operations that diminish their CO2 outputs.

Garner CO2 global customer base includes manufacturers, producers, who have a need to offset their carbon outputs with carbon credits.

Garner CO2 understands that it’s clients want to capitalize on their offsets with minimal cost, and generate the highest throughput possible depending on market options, for example the voluntary market in North America.  With Garner CO2 trading for them, producers are exposed to all world markets in a time and cost efficient manner.

Garner CO2 understands the value of providing its customers with international market information and new developments as the market evolves.

Beyond being a market maker, providing market influence and information, Garner CO2eliminates its client’s external risk in the sales or procurement function.