Garner CO2 is a carbon credit amalgamator & carbon credit offset broker. We work with companies to identify where they can achieve carbon offsets in their businesses and amalgamate these reductions improving business practices.

Garner CO2 is a place where individuals and businesses can come to learn and share knowledge, exchange sustainability practices, source opportunities and develop practical environmental policies.

We are a Carbon Neutral Company

We always seek new avenues for the development of socially responsible practices.  Garner CO2 believes that economic prosperity and environmental sustainability can be symbiotic.  In the words of Bill Clinton, “Capitalism with a conscience.”

Carbon Offsets

By attracting the support of the business community, we at Garner CO2 create stronger visibility for renewable technologies.  The more people know, the more people affect change, and change is happening.  We embrace change.

Read more about Carbon Offsets

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